Sunday, July 24, 2011

Joey's Paella

2 lbs chicken (strips is a good way to go)
1 lb chorizo
6 oz pancetta diced
1 large Spanish onion diced
4 cloves of garlic minced
.01 oz saffron (basically a dash)
28 oz chicken stock
1/2 cup rice (paella rice, jasmine rice, whatever you like, just know how it cooks).
1 bushel of parsley
1 lemon

1. Get a small pot and warm up the chicken stock.
2. On a plate, sprinkle salt and pepper on the raw chicken. Get a large deep pan or pot (or paella pan), add a splash of olive oil and heat on medium low heat. Add the chicken.
3. Chop up the chorizo into coins and toss it in with the chicken.
4. After a few minutes, add the pancetta and let the fat cook down (4 minutes)
5. Add the onion and garlic
6. In a bowl, add the dry saffron and add a cup of the chicken stock. Let the saffron flavor the stock for a few minutes and then with the meat.
7. Add the rice. Get the parsley and chop the stems finely and add to the pan. Chop the leafy section in larger more generous chunks and add after a few minutes of cooking.
8. This is important, you need to watch the paella and mix it every few minutes to make sure it does not burn. Keep adding chicken stock (slowly) until the dish has the consistency of risotto.
9. When the dish is done, put in a nice large bowl, garnish with a quartered lemon (make sure to squeeze some of the lemon juice on the paella).